SLIM : Faster from Innovation to Man

New medicines and food products should not only be proven efficacious in men, they are also subjected to strict safety regulations. Animal testing is still an important part of regulatory safety studies. Regulatory affairs and research and development are cost & time consuming, which slows down innovation in the Life Sciences sector. Furthermore the predictive value of animal models is sometimes limited and new available technologies are very slowly accepted and implemented. While on the other hand new European legislation and the general public opinion on the use of animal experimentation ask for other solutions. Therefore there is an urgent need to improve the innovation process.

The aim of the SLIM (‘Sneller van Innovatie naar Mens’) project is to enable economic development in Life Sciences by optimizing the implementation process of innovative 3R approaches; to reduce, refine and replace animal testing. Involving all relevant stakeholders during the development, acceptance and implementation of innovative 3R approaches.

Deze projecttekst is geschreven voor de website van de Hoge School Utrecht. Bekijke de hele tekst hier:

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